Business planning & Development

We boost of one of the most detailed and most updated Agricultural databases in the country. With in-house budgets to update and carryout non-solicited studies and surveys, we are proud of our knowledge base. This gives us an edge when creating close to airtight business plans and forecasts for our clients, irrespective of the size of their current state. We use bespoke tools to develop scenarios to arrive at a realistic and business smart plan. We get it. Working with mostly smallholder farmer Cooperatives means that the bulk of our clients started “smaller”. We can develop a strategy and robust business plan that allows you to grow without causing your dreams to become nightmares more than you’re comfortable with.

We walk with you through the Visioning, problem analysis, setting production targets, Pathway analysis to the actualization of the business plan. We believe a business is as good as the solidness of the plan it is based on. We keep in mind that a good business plan is a living that should be bankable at all times of the business cycle.