Our team

Our Technical Team comprises of Business Development Specialists, a Market Systems Development Specialist, Strategy and Business Development Specialist, an Agronomist, Crop, Soil, Food and Animal Scientists, Agricultural Economists, a Law practitioner, a Statistician, an ISO, Halaal and HAACP certified trainer and system designing specialist.

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Every ZAZA employee is essential; working together they are irreplaceable. Every day, in countless ways, we are making an important difference in our operations—so that ZAZA can make a lasting difference in the world. Through our robust network of associates and the inherently present foot soldiers, we have created an ambitious and enviably good business profile in the areas we work. Teamwork is essential to us. To foster collaboration and stay aligned, we must extend and expect trust. We must listen to one another and be open to ideas, no matter where in the world those ideas originate. For all of our diversity, we are driving toward the same fundamental goals. We forge the links that make value chains work, connecting local goods with international markets, and farmers with consumers. Every element of our enterprise serves an important purpose, and we succeed only when every part of the partnership system works, and works together. With a combined staff experience of close to a century, ZAZA & Wilhelm is just started.